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Criteria for Nomination


  1. The nominee must have completed high school at least five years prior to nomination. Exceptions may be made in posthumous circumstances;

  2. The nominee should have graduated from New Milford High School (NMHS). Exceptions may be made for special circumstances;

  3. The nominee must have made significant achievements in his or her sport(s) and the achievements must have taken place during his or her tenure at NMHS;

  4. The nominee must have maintained expected standards of behavior.



A nomination may be made for a team with outstanding achievement at NMHS. A team’s accomplishment(s) must have occurred at least five years prior to nomination.



A coach may be eligible for induction if qualifying with the following criteria: exhibited solid citizenship; served at least five years as a head coach at NMHS; made a major impact on an athletic program at NMHS; and exhibited superior leadership ability within the school community.


Sports supportive individual

A nomination for induction may be made for a sports supportive individual with outstanding/exemplary service to the NMHS athletic program.


Honorary/outstanding achievement

A high school athlete who achieves a special record, an outstanding performance, state championship or other noteworthy accomplishment may be honored by the NMHS Athletic Hall of Fame. The recognition may be made at least five years after the achievement and would not be considered as induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

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