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Board members

Norm Cummings


mary schneider 119_edited-1.jpg

Mary Schneider

Vice president


Patrick Heaton


Nicole Nocera


Bethany Mihaly

Dawn Hough

Art Cummings

All board members are New Milford High School graduates and former Green Wave student-athletes except Bethany Mihaly, who has coached NMHS gymnastics and, for a time, Green Wave diving, since the late 1980s.


Nicole Nocera and Dawn Hough also are or have been Green Wave varsity coaches, and Patrick Heaton has served as boys’ basketball coach at several schools.

Mission Statement

The New Milford High School Athletic Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring those who have contributed with distinction to NMHS inter-scholastic sports as athletes, teams, coaches and in support roles.


We seek to preserve the history of athletics as an integral aspect of the educational experience at NMHS.


In doing so, we strive to encourage and inspire contemporary and future NMHS student-athletes to achieve to the best of their ability in the sports realm while maintaining their standing in the classroom and other school activities.


In keeping with interscholastic sports' role in the physical and emotional growth of many teens, we endeavor to maintain the Hall of Fame as a standard by which young student-athletes can establish their goals and judge their progress.


Teens active in sports additionally learn important life lessons while contributing to the process of team building, acquiring social skills and developing good health habits. In doing so, the Hall of Fame may serve as motivation for youths to engage in physical activity, thus promoting proper conditioning, improved study habits and all-around well being.

The rewards should include the reduction of childhood obesity and other related diseases, promoting good health and lifestyle choices and giving teenagers an option of participating in an organized activity outside regular school hours. In turn, the commitment to school-related extra-curricular sports would reduce idle time and instruct young athletes in the process of team building skills which could pay dividends in young adults' ability to succeed in the job market.


It has been well documented the powerful correlation between sports participation by teens and their academic success quotient. We realize there are many factors involved in how students fare in their high school years. We believe by setting high standards before the young adults, we can play an important and lasting role in inspiring many teens at New Milford High School to achieve to their potential in all aspects of their lives.


The Hall of Fame will be sited at the high school, where athletes, their parents and friends may be reminded of what is possible with discipline, hard work and proper time management as preferred alternatives to video games, substance abuse or dropping out of school.


In summary, we maintain the New Milford High School Athletic Hall of Fame not only to honor those student-athletes past, but as an integral partner in the quest to educate the youth of our community and help steer them on path to a better future.

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